Broome County Rollers
The Parlor City Tricks
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Welcome to Broome County's first and only flat track roller derby league!
***We are always looking for new members!***
    Founded in 2010 in Sidney, NY to provide an opportunity for residents in New York’s Southern Tier to experience the fastest growing sport in the US. The Broome County Rollers established their headquarters in Broome County in 2011. As a league owned and operated by skaters and members, the BC Rollers affords opportunities to participate in the fast-paced and athletic sport of roller derby to any and all persons interested. 

    We welcome all who would join our big family, whether on the track as skaters, non-skating officials, and referees, to off the track as volunteers, fundraisers, and devoted fans. As a league, The BC Rollers league currently consists of three teams. Following the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) rule set, there is our all-female team, the Parlor City Tricks. Following the Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor (MADE) rule set, there is our coed team, the Aces on 8, which rosters both male and female skaters. We also have the newly-formed, coed junior team, the Tricksters, made up of male and female skaters from ages 6-17. 

    We have also been increasing our knowledge and familiarity with the United States Association of Roller Sports (USARS) rule set, and look forward to implementing it in our league in the near future. We run year-round fresh meat training for skaters of all skill levels, from those who have never touched a skate to those who were born on wheels. 

    So, no matter who you are, what you’re like, or what you can do, there’s a place for you in our roller derby family! For more information on joining the B.C. Rollers, or if your team would be interested in playing one of our teams or joining us for practice, please contact us at